Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo the Master of Kris in Java

The expert and kris's fans admitted that there's only one empu who has great creation in Java: Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo. He lived in the Gratak village, Sleman regency, (15 km westward of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is a descendant fifteen in a master of kris in Java; empu Supo in Majapahit era (13th century).

Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo had tried to preserve traditional kris and high art. Actually, in his youth, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo didnt continue his father empu Supowinangun to make kris. Empu Supowinangun was a kris maker who lived in Ngento-ento Sumberagung, Moyudan, Sleman. Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo dreamt twice about his father. His father whispered him to make kris, but empu Djeno Harumbrodjo ignored. But at the third time he finally followed.

Making a classical kris took a long time and high concentration while 'nglakoni' (doing) mutih and fasting. First step to make kris ; kris must be heated, forged, folded up to hundreds time. This process took 50 bags ofcharcoal from teak wood, 12 kg metal, 0,5 kg steel and pamor 100 gram. But the weight of kris as a product only 1 kg.

Day by day without sleep, without eating, empu Djeno Harumbrojo accompanied by klembak aroma and completed with the color of offering. Those were one of ritual preparation must to do to make a traditional kris. Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo has to intervene directly because all steps needed precision, if not, pamor will be gone.

In 1970, accompanied by his brothers, Yoso Pangarso and Genyadiharjo, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo started to realize his passion and desire to preserve ancestral culture in Jitar, Sumberagung, Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. They started to make a kris by try and error because his father didn't teach the technique how to make a kris.

And then, in 1977, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo moved to Gatak, Sumberagung, Moyudan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. In this place he built besalen and made tools himself, which it still there in the back of his house. And now, that house is occupied by his son, empu Sungkowo Harumbrodjo who continues his father to make kris.

The shape kris of empu Djeno Harumbrodjo took Mataram pattern but slimmer, simple but looks strong. Tangguh he made more alike kris tangguh Majapahit. He known many technique how to make pamor (demescene). Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo has created kind of krises through his hands. Those are Jalak, Jangkuna, Pendowo, Luk, Penimbal Luk Songo, Sabuk Inten Luk Sewelas, and Parung Sari Luk Telulas.

Dozens of magical krises has created by empu Djeno Harumbrodjo. His masterpice spreaded in the world. It's not surprised, tourist adored his work. A kris could be valued about ten millions or $ 1,000. But there are some certain conditions to possesse a kris. There is kris for farmer, for young man, for king relative, and a king. According to empu Djeno Harumbrodjo, a king could possesse all krises.

After empu Djeno Harumbrodjo successful made a kris, his name became famous in the world after he visited by Dietrich Drescher, a captain from Germany. Dietrich Drescher had been waited empu until he finished his kris.

Beauty, perfection of work and determination to make kris was a good point of empu Djeno Harumbrojo. He accepted order from court palace Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, kris Dapur Jangkung Mangkunegoro with pamor Udan Mas, from some ministers, from customer oversea : Dutch, Japan, Germany, USA, Switzerland, England and others. Beside making traditional krises, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo also make souvenir of kris and it take short time to make.

In his life, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo followed many exhibitions in Sumberagung, 1977, Gajah Mada University, 1980, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1999. And he also active followed exibition in Yogyakarta court palace during 1984 - 1988. Besides that, empu Djeno Harumbrodjo gave skil courses how to make kris for young generation in his house. He passed away in 2006 May 25nd, two days before earthquake in Yogyakarta and since that time, his skill derived to his son empu sungkowo harumbrodjo.

source : shvoong.com


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